Can you predict the future?

Our world-first AI uses psychology to analyse millions of YouTube videos a month and uncover the ‘human metrics’ you need to predict influencer performance.

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Most brands still rely on top-line metrics and ‘good vibes’ to select influencers.

But this method can’t predict performance accurately meaning brands are wasting up to 40% of their influencer budget on poor performers.

When you deal with people, you need to look at ‘human metrics’.

These metrics allows you to truly identify what your top performers have in common so you can stop guessing and find more just like them.

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Predict performance at the click of a button with Trudy Score.

Trudy is trained with your data to identify what makes a high performer for your brand by analysing over 160+ psychometrics across three main categories.

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Very Good!

"I have switched to using Trudy on all of my influencer campaigns, it has made it much easier to both communicate with creators and find them."

Ibi Obinyan
Client Success Executive
Time saver

"I've been receiving replies from influencers quicker than usual, which has made communication in general far more streamlined."

Chris Lord
Senior Influencer Marketing Executive

"Trudy works great with providing our clients with the ‘why' and it's made influencer shortlisting a lot more efficient and precise."

Tilda Linderholm
Client Success Manager
Must have

"Started using Trudy as a must-do vetting process before going forward with any influencer, really makes a difference"

Fiona Maginess
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Super productive

"Trudy has made a positive impact on the company's productivity. It has reduced our time to shortlist influencers from hours to minutes."

Thomas Jackson
Influencer Marketing Associate
Very Good!

"Trudy is a tool that helps me make sure we are only working with influencers who are the right fit for our clients."

Charlie Martin
Client Success Associate
Very Good!

This app allows me to do [problem] from my smartphone where I want and.

Darlene Robertson
Marketing Coordinator
Better results

"Not sure if it's Trudy or just a lucky streak, but influencers tend to get better engagement than usual in our more recent campaigns."

Joana Guerreiro
Influencer Marketing Manager
Love Trudy

"The value of the product aside, how can you not fall in love with the little Trudy character?! I get happy every time I open it."

Chloe Crossley
Client Success Executive
ROI uplift

"I don't have the exact numbers, but our average ROI has certainly seen a positive effect since introducing Trudy"

Jacob Cox
Influencer Marketing Executive
Confidence booster

"I tend to use Trudy to verify the compatibility of all the influencers I shortlist for a campaign. It gives me confidence as it almost feels like a second opinion."

Chris Bainbridge
Client Success Executive
Helping paid social

Trudy is a nifty tool for our paid social campaigns that helps us to easily identify the most suitable influencers for our client's campaign.

Arjun Shah
Paid Social Manager
Gold for agencies

"Trudy is the perfect fit for our agency. It helps us double down on the work we do best - influencer marketing."

Barbara Scevola
Influencer Marketing Executive
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"Trudy is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal. It's a game changer for sure."

Alina Pozzan
Client Success Executive
Very Good!

This app allows me to do [problem] from my smartphone where I want and.

Darlene Robertson
Marketing Coordinator

Here's how we do it.

Trudy listens to every word spoken by influencers in their videos, determining their personality profiles and core values. These human metrics predict if they are going to perform for your brand

Personality insights.

And not only can you predict performance but Trudy gives you personality insights to help you tailor your comms to build stronger relationships with influencers.

Plus all the metrics you're used to.

From audience demographics to engagement rates, Trudy has you covered.

Dive into creator performance

Discover each creator's capability to deliver the metrics your brands needs to grow. Track changes across subscribers, engagement rate, video views and more.

Analyse audiences easily

Profile each creator's follower demographics, including age, gender, and geography.

Finding the right influencer starts with understanding your top performers!

Do you know what makes your top performers perform? Send us one of your recent partnerships and we'll give you a free, personalised report with their personality profile and human metrics.

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Trudy was born out of an influencer marketing agency. We made it our mission to make influencer marketing more authentic and efficient for our clients. As such, Trudy is now empowering all marketing agencies alike.


By making influencer selection more effortless and reliable, brands can use Trudy's support for campaigns of any size with no external help.